1st page rank on Google is critical to grow your Atlanta business but old tactics have been erased by Panda & Penguin. We have 30+ years of combined SEO experience and success to help your site recover and dominate. Vincent DeCastro is the leading SEO Consultant in the Atlanta area and can provide a free website SEO analysis to help you understand where your SEO efforts have gone wrong.

Local SEO

Most small businesses get 80% of their sales within a 15 mile radius so our Local SEO Experts guarantee your site is on page 1 for the search results that make you money. Vincent DeCastro has been providing Local SEO consulting services to Atlanta area small businesses for the last 13 years. He specializes in Home Services, Medical, Legal, Education & Store Front companies.


A blend of PPC & SEO is one of the most effective sales tools for any business. Our Adwords Certified account managers have 25+ years of expertise managing Local, Regional & National campaigns. Vincent DeCastro is an Atlanta area Google Adwords Certified Professional and can help your business extract maximum ROI from your PPC budget.


High quality content on your website is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to successful SEO campaign. Content is what drives traffic to your site and content will turn them into customers. Vincent DeCastro has consulted with 100’s of Atlanta area businesses to help improve their websites architecture, navigation and content.

Website SEO Audit

SEO is a data driven science so Search Nearby provides detailed information about your content, links, competition and keywords. Our SEO audit provides you the knowledge to make the right changes.

Local Search Visibility

Search Nearby uses cutting edge technology to determine why your not showing up on page 1 and provides a road map to dominate the local search results.

ROI Reporting

Our web based reporting tool provides all your website statistics in one easy to use tool. Get traffic, sources, social, reputation, rank, calls & conversions rolled into one place and create custom reports with the click of a button.

Google Update Recovery

With an average of 25 updates each month on Google, Panda & Penguin have become household terms. If your site was on page 1 only to disappear one day, you’ll need some SEO recovery.

Ecommerce SEO

Having an online store is really just the start of selling your products to customers all over the world. Our SEO experts have worked with every major ecommerce platform on the market and can help you rank on page 1.

SEO Content Services

There’s a fine line between website copy that sells your product or service and content that ranks well. Our SEO Content experts have 30+ years of writing content that ranks on page 1.

Why Hiring An Atlanta SEO Consultant Is More Cost Effective

We know that you have many options when choosing an internet marketing consultant¬†and many companies will claim to be the “#1 ranked SEO company.” But, what do the national companies know about Atlanta? Will the national company have local contacts to link your geo targeted food review blog to the websites of Atlanta’s six culinary schools? Will the national SEO firm understand which areas are best to target for your home owner’s insurance company? Or will they waste their effort and your money targeting an area that is saturated with apartments?

It may seem presumptuous to suggest that hiring a local Atlanta internet marketing company for your SEO and PPC needs is the best choice for your business rather than simply choosing the nationally ranked SEO specialist who emailed an impressive service package. However, Atlanta is a unique place and we are the company for the job for a variety of reasons:

  • Personal Interaction. We enjoy sitting down and learning about your business needs in person, when possible. Understanding your business goals and the market within which it operates is our main priority.
  • We Are Connected. Our business’ success hinges upon connecting with other small, local businesses. We live and breathe the same market and customer base as you and we would love to encourage our customers to become your customers.
  • Communication. If you need us, you know exactly where to find us. We are a team of real people and are residents of Atlanta, so we speak your language.

In order to achieve our goals, we have worked to become local SEO experts, which is different than becoming a global expert. We focus our talents on attracting attention to the best that Atlanta has to offer, and we want that to include YOU! In the ever-changing SEO and PPC marketing environment, we prioritize continuous learning so that we are masters of the latest techniques. Anticipating the next big thing is how we stay on top of our game. By leveraging this knowledge, we help our clients achieve positive growth analytics, which translates into an increase in business opportunity.

What Can We Do For Your Atlanta Business?

  • Keyword Research. Our rich understanding of Atlanta’s five wards helps us to investigate your specific market to determine the most relevant and common search terms used by your customer base.
  • Market analysis. We identify and research your customer demographic in order to successfully target potential customers.
  • Competitive Market Analysis. Always keeping an eye on your competitors, we will stay apprised of opportunities and strategies that can benefit your business.
  • Content Development. Quality, meaningful content is favored by Google and other search engines. We offer writing and editing services to assist you in sharing SEO-friendly content with your customer base through your web pages, blog, or social media platforms.
  • Link Building. We maintain relationships with relevant Atlanta businesses and organizations and provide you with high-ranking, beneficial backlinks that will produce noticeable results.
  • Conversion Optimization. Our goal is to work hard to develop as many valuable business leads as possible so that your team can work hard to convert those leads into revenue.

If you have found this webpage, then you already have an example of how well we do our jobs.

Call us today so that we can learn about what we can do for you and your business.
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