How Hard Is It To Do Your Own Local SEO

5 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Own Local SEO

How hard can it really be to do your own Local SEO and get new business from people searching for what you do in the Atlanta area? Is there really that much work that goes into optimizing a small business website and pushing out local geo signals to the search engines to rank above your competition?

Add A Bog With Localized Content To Your Site

This is perhaps the most overlooked Local SEO Tactic for small businesses in terms of pushing out signals to Google and getting local traffic to your site. Create lots of interesting content about your most competitive geography for end users and hopefully in bound links. Don’t forget to use some internal linking as well!

Verify Google My Business, Yahoo Local & Bing Local

I can’t tell you how many local businesses here in Atlanta don’t have this simple strategy already accomplished. It’s super easy and is the cornerstone of any Local SEO strategy. Don’t have someone else do this for you, take control of these listings yourself. You can check if you have these listings verified and optimized at this FREE Local SEO Tool

Get Other Local Small Businesses To Link To Your Site

Connect with other local business owners and ask them to add a link to your website. It’s really just that easy and that simple yet almost no one does this! Devote 30 minutes per week and contact other businesses in your area, you’ll be surprised at how easy and effective this will be for your Local SEO initiative.

Make Sure You Have Google Analytics And Google Webmaster Tools Setup

Google analytics tells you everything you need to know about how visitors got to your site and what they did when they got there and GWMT will help you gain insight into how Google views your site and how you can improve the onsite SEO. Make sure you have a sitemap and that it’s been submitted to GWMT and that you have no crawl errors. Again not hard but often overlooked by most people.

Each Page Of Your Site Needs A Unique Title and Description

The Title and Description are opportunities to tell Google a little bit about each page of content. Many small businesses have a generic title & description for each page. Take the time to make each one unique and also include the geography in both.

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