Local SEO

The reality for any local small business these days is they need to be highly visible on Google and other major search engines to survive. But just how are these businesses supposed to do a great job and serve their existing customers but also become local seo experts? Local Search Marketing has become uber competitive over the last 2 years and is made up of so many small parts, it almost can appear overwhelming, so we have created a short list of things to prioritize over time.

Name, Address and Phone Number: One of the simplest things any small business can do for itself is to be certain of consistency across all business information.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews: It’s well known that positive reviews on the right sites can have a direct impact as the end user decides which business to contact but some of these sites also have their reviews crawled by Google as a ranking signal. Knowing what sites have that double impact can really boost ranking.

Social Signals Matter: In the new world of SEO, social signals have a direct impact on how well your site ranks on Google and no I’m not specifically talking about FB status updates. Just like review sites, Google looks to certain Web 2.0 sites as having authority among the massive amount of data self published every hour. Knowing what sites matter and more important, how to use them properly will make your site visibility explode.

Mobile Marketing : Local Based Mobile search has sky rocketed over the last 12 months and is predicted to over take Desktop Search this next year. If you don’t at least have a mobile site created, it’s like telling those users that you don’t want their business.