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Mobile pay-per-click ads have the highest click through rate – 4.12% – and the lowest cost – $0.53. This statistic should give you a strong reason to invest in mobile PPC campaigns. But the marketing strategies and approaches behind mobile pay per click ads are different across platforms, and ever-evolving. This is a good thing, as it means you can make the most of PPC innovations. It also means that you’ll need the assistance of a professional mobile PPC service to meet your customer engagement goals. Search Nearby can develop a winning mobile pay per click campaign that augments your overall digital marketing strategy.

Driving value with PPC advertising on mobile devices

Juniper Research forecasts that the annual ad spend on mobile search will stand at $12 billion by 2017. This will be, in a large part, driven by the continuous and swift adoption of tablet PCs. A separate ‘State of Mobile Search in the US’ report by Marin Software says mobile phone click through rates are a whopping 72% higher compared to that for desktops. There is no doubting the fact that mobile PPC is here to stay, and offers tremendous potential to mobile marketers. We can help you realize a high ROI on your mobile pay per click campaign by leveraging best practices, industry-leading trends and innovative techniques.

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Benefit from a fully-optimized and profitable mobile PPC campaign

A pay per click campaign for the mobile browser is mostly technical and part art. A concise copy that is both refined and compelling is just as critical as choosing the right keywords, bidding smartly, and creating mobile-specific offers that give mobile users a strong reason to click or call. We can guide you in the right direction, and provide (among other solutions), the following:

  • Lightweight and quick-loading landing pages that include phone number and address
  • Effective and action-oriented mobile PPC keywords
  • Targeted advertising solutions for Android, iOS and other mobile operating systems

By staying current with the latest industry developments, our skilled mobile marketing team refines solutions to deliver high ROI on your mobile PPC campaigns. We only follow fair, ethical and W3C compliant PPC practices. You’ll find our pricing hard to beat for the service level we provide.

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