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In the world of Internet marketing, strategy is everything. In the past, creating and maintaining a professional desktop website and utilizing proper SEO techniques were the most important things you could do to move towards complete online exposure. Now that smartphones and tablets have found their way into the hands of millions of Americans and are used on a daily basis, this new mobile platform has become equally as important as its desktop counterpart in terms of making or breaking your online marketing success.

While many SEO best practices are the same (for example, working under Google algorithms, utilizing important keywords, and creating reliable backlinks) there are key differences in mobile websites versus desktop websites that must be taken into account. In general, mobile marketing needs to be geared towards delivering important business information in a quick, comprehensive and appealing way.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to establish your mobile website and have it indexed correctly. This can mean creating a mobile sitemap and submitting it to Google via the Webmaster Tools, as well as verifying that your audience is being properly redirected to the mobile version of your site’s corresponding pages. Penalties can occur from having a mobile website that directs the content crawlers of search engines to a differing location than mobile users are sent to. Creating a mobile website that is accessible to both web-crawlers and humans alike is the first step to having a functional mobile marketing campaign.

As per usual when it comes to SEO, it’s not just about the computers; it’s about the real people using the Internet, and understanding what exactly these mobile users are looking for. This will direct the entire design of your mobile website and help to give your customers the best experience possible. Usually, those on their smartphones or tablets are searching by use of short and direct phrases, often with a focus on local businesses that have the products and services they would like to take advantage of immediately. These users are already on their mobile devices when they visit your website, which means you should design accordingly. For example, click-to-call buttons should be at the ready on a mobile website so that your potential customers can contact your business directly.

Mobile websites should be formatted in such a way that the visiting experience for users is as straightforward as possible. It’s a good practice to have your audience directed to the most important page or pages of your website first, whether that be a homepage, contact page, or list of available services. For instance, if you have created a mobile website for your restaurant, users should ideally be able to view the menu simply by scrolling or with a single click..

Because screens on mobile devices are generally smaller than desktop computers or laptops, it’s important to have font that is large enough and clear enough for users to be able to read without needing to pinch, zoom or scroll left and right. And because so many devices have touch screens, the need for larger and more clearly identifiable buttons and links is greater.

Also keep in mind that web pages tend to load slower on mobile devices, which means bombarding your viewers with interactive/moving images and videos can create a mobile website that is virtually unusable. Sticking with a minimal theme with static images can mean the difference between a visitor who takes the time to explore your mobile site, versus one that immediately hits the back button and opts for a competing business.

SEO has always been about working with computers and designing for users, and while the advent of mobile technology hasn’t altered that basic objective, it definitely calls for some alternative strategies when creating and optimizing a website for tablets and smartphones. Recognizing the similarities and differences between desktop and mobile platforms means you can learn how to design for specific user experiences, thus creating an online presence that is guaranteed to be a successful investment.

There is a reason why marketing dollars are flowing into mobile SEO campaigns. Take Juniper Research’s latest report suggesting that the rapid adoption of tablets (672 million in-use tablet PCs expected by 2017) will drive web search on mobile devices. The booming mobile search and discovery market is also expected to generate $15 billion in the next five years.

What mobile SEO services do we offer?

We can create a fully optimized mobile website for you or make your existing site mobile friendly. Based on your requirements, we can suggest a package incorporating appropriate strategies.

Mobile SEO involves a number of aspects, which take into account requirements unique to mobile web users, search engine behaviors for mobile-specific searches and mobile web user activity.

  • Optimize your present mobile website to make it consistently top-notch across different operating systems and browsers.
  • Use predictive search (a predictive phrase suggested by Google to help users complete mobile queries) profitably. We can help you position yourself within search engines’ mobile ‘predictive search’ categories.
  • Make your website easily searchable in your local region (fact: local searches make up over half of all internet searches)
  • Use the right design and development techniques that render your business website extremely well on mobile devices

Search Nearby is your one-stop source for mobile SEO, mobile PPC and mobile web and application development. With a carefully-honed and all-round expertise of mobile marketing, we are well-poised to provide reliable mobile search friendly solutions that do their bit for your bottom line.

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