Hire Dynamics Search Marketing Campaign Case Study

Can the right search marketing campaign have a huge impact on your business?



Consider this case in point:

Hire Dynamics
Consistently voted a top staffing agency and “best place to work” in Atlanta and the nation (Top 5 out of 10,000 U.S. staffing firms)

Status Quo: Strong Reputation and Rankings for Atlanta

As one of the largest staffing agencies in Atlanta, Hire Dynamics has an unbeatable culture of performance and loyalty that’s won them “best staffing firm” and “best place to work” awards four to five years running. And with good search engine visibility for Atlanta, GA, what’s not to like about the status quo?

Challenge: Visibility and Volume Could Be Higher

In reality, Hire Dynamics was missing out on search traffic from other metro areas in Georgia and surrounding states. (And their web site wasn’t optimized for mobile traffic.) So we proposed a two-pronged strategy to –
• pump up the visibility and volume of their search results and conversion rates across a wide swath of previously untapped geographies
• optimize the SEO performance of their redesigned responsive site to retain their original high rankings (and traffic volume) from Atlanta-based searches

Strategy: Go Local and Go Big

Between December 2014 and March 2015, Vincent DeCastro created 68
geo-specific landing pages
designed to rank well organically and capture and convert new traffic coming from such highly localized searches as “best staffing agency Morrow, GA” or “temp agency Charlotte,” etc.


Creating this highly targeted campaign involved –
• writing unique content for each landing page

  • linking all 68 geo-pages to the nearest Hire Dynamics local office page
    (one of 13 offices)
  • building hyper-local links for geographies farther outside the local office area – giving greater authority to the geo-specific page than the main office page


The content was added over time, which gave our team a chance to update any pages that were underperforming initially.
Target ROI:      Projected Boost in Results


  • 20% Increase in Traffic
  • 20% Increase in Conversions (Staffing Requests)


Our initial keyword research showed Hire Dynamics might see an impressive 20% increase in locally driven traffic, while analytics data suggested a similar increase in overall conversions.

The results for this campaign far exceeded the goals set out in late 2014.

In fact, they blew them sky high.


Real ROI:     Exponentially Higher Outcomes

Hire Dynamics saw huge, growth-driving gains in traffic, staffing requests, actual employees placed, and revenue, including enough new business to support office expansion beyond state lines.


212% Increase in Traffic *
183% Increase in Conversions

(staffing requests)
30% Increase in Revenue


80% of Geo Pages in Top 5 Google Organic Results

(for target keywords “staffing agency geo” and
“temp agency geo,” excluding map sections)


Processed 141 More Staffing Requests

(77 requests in 2014 vs. 218 requests in 2015)


Placed 600 More Temps Per Day

(3,400 temps in 2014 vs. 4,000 in 2015)


Won 277 New Clients in 2015*
Opened in 2 New Major Markets

(Charlotte & Nashville)


Added 35 New Internal Staff in 2015


Target ROI:      20% Increase in Traffic


                        20% Increase in Conversions


Real ROI:         212% Increase in Traffic * 

                        183% Increase in Conversions


                        30% Increase in Revenue


Something as simple as tweaking local SEO can be a big driver of overall growth. For a closer look at how effective SEM can impact your business, let’s connect: