How To Optimize Your Atlanta Website For Multiple Cities

I Service Marietta, Lawrenceville, Roswell, Atlanta and Smyrna So How Do I Optimize My Site For All Of Those Cities

For small service businesses in Atlanta, this can be one of the most challenging parts of local seo. Google continues to make it harder and harder for services businesses to leverage organic results in a multi city approach because they tend to spend more money on PPC than brick and mortar atlanta businesses. Simply adding city pages with a little unique content really doesn’t work anymore and Google My Business listings continue to become harder to rank. If you’ve had success in the past with any of these approaches then you already know that they have become a lot less effective, so what can you do to help rank in multiple cities like Marietta, Lawrenceville, Roswell and Smyrna GA?

Local Content Silos Provide More Bang For Your $$$$

Think of them as geographic targeted micro sites on steroids…local content silos will boost your local seo multi city initiative to the next level and continue to improve ranking as you add more content. Yes this will require more work and probably an update to your websites navigation but Google isn’t going to reward you unless you put in the time and effort these days.

Off-site signals are incredibly important to the local content silo process. The Google My Business listing for each location should point to the location page for each silo. You’ll also need to create local blog content for each silo, and make sure that the main pages of the silo link to its local blog posts. It’s also incredibly important to earn some links from other local businesses in each city so we’ll be getting links from local sources pointed directly at each local silo.

Instead of creating a single boring location page for each location, you’ll now have a robust silo of unique local information about each city that your business serves. Each silo will be optimized to push out local signals for each individual city, and with additional localized blog content and local links all associated with each silo, your local relevancy signals will be stronger than ever before. Each office will have an area to create content for their office which will help improve local signals to Google.

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